The Intellectual Property (IP hereafter) field plays a critical role in business and growth of knowledge-based economies. At the present time, most of the market value of a company is determined by their intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, designs and copyright which have, like other assets, an economic value.

On a European level, there are some international associations of law firms dedicated to the general practice of law, such as the European Lawyers Association 1or Euro juris International Association2. However, none of these associations is focused on the IP field, which, as we all know, requires in-depth specialization and thorough knowledge of internationally applied rules and legislations.

Within the IP field, we are all familiar with the different associations like INTA3, AIPPI4, ASIPI5, which are intended primarily to bring together professionals of our field to study, discuss and publicise IP issues. However, our project intends to go much further, creating an internal network (intranet) to share all kinds of IPrelated materials (such as forms, powers of attorney, and the requirements, procedures, calculating official deadlines, etc.). Although this network would only be the tip of the iceberg, we strongly believe we could change our way of working in an international context, allowing us to optimize our time and reduce costs to the fullest. Also, most importantly, this undertaking will put us on a level with multinationals, but offering a distinctive, personalized and comprehensive service.

We would start by creating a worldwide network of reliable contacts, an intranet in which we could upload the above-mentioned documents which are only a “click” away. This would give us direct access to all the shared information without waiting for a response from any associates. In order to promote this new way of working together as a team, we will have our own contacts, but without forgetting the current platforms and social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook which are pivotal to any international marketing plan.

In contrast with other IP associations, which we all know charge a considerable amount for their services, your outlay will be minimum with only additional costs for the above-mentioned services.


We, like yourselves, are a boutique law firm specializing in the IP issues. Our proposal relies on the creation of a secure IP network throughout the world, which will undoubtedly save us time, costs and effort, as well as improving the service quality offered to our clients. This last point is the key to our success as it is the personalized high-quality service which our clients expect of us.

This kind of service should be our main strength, and because of this, it is the starting point of our project. As we all know, the multinational law firms do not usually render this type of service, mainly due to the volume of work they have at any one time, but also because they handle specific matters for the client. At no point is the client provided with a broad view or given access to any comprehensive advice.

By joining forces in this venture, we can make this possible by changing the way we work and so achieve this privileged position in the market.


“Change the way we work so as to offer an excellent and personalized service to our customers with the support and knowledge gained from our global partnership.”