Simplify the way of working abroad and focus on offering high-standard and personalized services



Our Association is made up of highly reputable Intellectual Property law firms sharing a common aim: being more efficient by saving time and money. The idea originates from the need to address the weak point of IP firms: the significant coordination workload created when our clients require services in different jurisdictions and the impossibility of charging them for the time spent locating a reliable agent and preparing a quotation. To this end, we have created a secure Intellectual Property Network throughout the world, which saves time, costs and effort, and improves the service quality offered to our clients. This last point is the key to our success as it is the personalized high-quality service which our clients expect of us. By joining forces in this venture, we have made this possible by changing the way we work and have so achieved this privileged position in the market.


We have created a global network of reliable agents sharing a tailor-made working tool, Interty, which is an intranet to upload and share all kinds of IP-related materials (such as forms, powers of attorney, requirements, procedures, fees, etc.). All this is only a “click” away and permanently updated by specialized Intellectual Property attorneys in each jurisdiction. This gives us direct access to any information needed by our clients and therefore eliminates time wasted waiting for a response from the associates.