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One of the greatest advantages of the project will be the sharp reduction in service costs because of the E-timesaver which will enable our association members to offer cost-efficient and more competitive fees than other law firms outside the project. It goes without saying that reducing prices is an excellent way to compete against non-members.

As we commented above, our organization will save time not only for the client but also for us. By creating an international database we will gain easier access to all necessary IP materials and the possibility of directly contacting reliable professional associates, who can be counted on to give the best advice and solutions to our clients.

Consequently, the customer service will be improved exponentially since the clients and their cases will receive comprehensive and direct attention. So, with the use of the intranet and the synergy generated among all our members, we can ensure that our clients get the best possible treatment. Contrary to the way of operating in multinational  law firms , we will have direct and immediate access to oficial requirements for proceedings, necessary documents (e.g. the power of attorney (POA)) and to legislation in other countries.

The next question is concerned with costs and the ROI. Probably most of us belong to some of the international associations related to intellectual property and we know how much they cost. This is why we have been working hard to find a competitive and innovative solution at a minimal cost.

In addition, the metrics will not only give us an accurate picture of our investment, we will be able to measure our impact on the net according to different criteria: by demographics, countries, ages, and professional profiles. In this regard, our objective is to attract new visitors with our contents with the aim of capturing new clients.


Selection works only by invitation. Currently we have approximately 35 members  all over the world.  You can find the list in the handout.

There are 3 categories of countries which determine how many members we need in each country.


1.Geographical extent

2.Industrial development


4.Statistics from the main patent and trademark offices


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