• Our Intranet greatly simplifies paralegal tasks
    and relieves administrative workload enabling your team to invest time on strategy and business development.
  • Interty is a secure worldwide network that allows IP Law Firms
    to share 100% reliable information and obtain immediate reliable and precise quotations.
  • We are an international association with highly reputable members
    from all over the world.

Sharing relevant IP information

Procedures and requirements, forms, powers of attorney, calculating official deadlines, costs, etc.

Saving time and money

You will obtain immediate and accurate quotations of all the IP proceedings from different parts of the world.

Keeping our

You will keep your firm’s identity while offering an international and efficient service.

Joining a non-exclusive organization

Members are not obliged to use the organization’s representatives when they already have a reciprocity commitment in a particular country.

Globalized IP Network

Our network comprises IP agents/attorneys with a wide experience and solid IP knowledge in diverse geographies.

Exclusive working tool

Interty, a tool created by and for IP professionals, ensures cost-efficient coordination of international IP services offering immediate and precise quotations/information.

Selection of members

Strict selection criteria guarantee that our members have a trustworthy colleague to handle our clients’ IP rights beyond our borders.

Find your reliable IP attorney all over the world

Our association covers more and more jurisdictions. Visit our “Join Us” section if you are an IP firm or visit the “In-House IP Lawyers” section if you wish to benefit from our global IP service.